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Butchart Gardens

A few days ago I went on a tour at Butchart Gardens in Victoria, which was absolutely lovely! I know some of my adoring fans out there are gardeners, so I would highly recommend a visit to this place if you ever have the chance – it’s supposed to be one of the best gardens in the world.

My sister is on board with me this cruise and is currently touring the gardens herself – I’m sure she’ll love it. We’ve been having a good time together on the ship and she has really enjoyed seeing both the luxury passenger areas and the behind-the-scenes work of the ship. Tomorrow is another sea day so she might come to some of my classes. We’re also planning a trip to the sauna tomorrow. What a life!


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Victoria, eh?

I’m taking advantage of a fast internet connection at a coffee shop in Victoria, BC to finally post some photos and make another update. Make sure you check out my San Francisco photos below. I’m attaching another one here from Skagway, Alaska so you can see a little of me, a little of Alaska, and a little of my cruise ship:

I’ve finished assessing all the students who are supposed to take English classes on board and my classes are now underway. So far so good. I’m really excited about the variety of language backgrounds I get to work with: I have students from Indonesia, Nepal, Portugal, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Poland, Mexico, India, Thailand, The Philippines, and probably other places that I’m forgetting right now. In fact, I’ve been impressed with the diversity on the ship in general. I’ve only met 2 other Americans so far! There are plenty of other native English speakers, but they tend to be Canadian, Australian, English, Scottish, etc. It is so great hearing all of these different dialects and languages!

We had some rough waves the other night (a deck cadet who navigates in the bridge told me they were 2-4 meters). I got seasick, despite wearing my little pulse point seasickness bracelets and even taking a seasickness pill. I think I took the pill too late for it to do any good. Most of the time it’s fairly calm, although it is tricky sometimes to walk around and teach and do things when the ship is swaying. At night I actually kind of like the rocking though because it’s like being rocked to sleep.

Tomorrow is another sea day, then we will be in San Francisco again.

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