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There are all sorts of new and exciting (to me) fruits available in Ecuador, and I’m slowly but surely sampling as many of them as possible.  One that I recently “discovered” is granadilla, a relative of passion fruit.  It looks like this on the outside:

But the inside… the INSIDE – woah.  When I first opened one of these bad boys up I was a little shocked and awed.  They look like some kind of alien life form or sea creature nest or pile of fish eggs (I’m making this sound oh-so-appealing, aren’t I?).  It ultimately made me laugh.  But they’re sweet and crunchy (you can eat the seeds) and the interwebs tell me granadilla are super high in fiber (25 grams?!?!) and contain a bit of protein to boot.  Strange, but true.





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I can gauge what fruits are in season in Indonesia by what is being sold on the road sides.  In September and October it was mango season.  In January rambutans were plentiful, which led into February, when durians were abundant.  For the past couple of weeks I’ve been seeing a lot of yellow ping-pong-ball-sized fruits, advertised as duku, so I investigated.

Turns out duku is also the English name for these delectable little gems.   Squeezing the leathery golden brown skin at the top (where the stem used to be) splits it open to reveal 5 or 6 translucent segments of deliciousness.  The texture of the flesh is similar to a lychee or rambutan, if you’ve ever had either of those tropical fruits.  The taste is like a super mild, purely sweet grapefruit, without any of the bitterness.  I’m not sure if these are available in the U.S. as I’ve never noticed them stateside before, but I sure hope I can find some later because they are juicy and sweet and fun to eat.

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