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I had always wanted to ride a Segway, and a couple days ago I got to do just that around the West End of Bermuda.  It was great fun.  Hoping to do a couple more tours this week as it’s my last cruise sailing in the Caribbean.



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We happened to be in port in Bermuda during their annual Tall Ships Atlantic Challenge this week, so I got to see dozens of sailing ships from around the world lined up in Hamilton.  I think the festival culminates in a race but I’m a little hazy on the details.  The ships were open to the public so it was interesting to walk around on them and have an up-close look.  I toured the U.S.S. Bounty (yes, the ship used in the old movie) and also a Russian sailing ship.  There were also ships from Greece, Uruguay, the U.S. Coast Guard, Brazil, and many more.  Fun sights!

While strolling through Hamilton looking for a lunch spot I also happened upon a Gombey performance in a park.  I have no idea what Gombey is but it was really fun to watch: colorful, loud, and energetic.  See for yourself here and here.

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Just a quick photo of me and my ship in Bermuda on June 4.


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