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For those of you familiar with the stages of culture shock, I am definitely in the honeymoon stage right now.  So far during my first few days in Jakarta everything has been exciting and new and interesting.  I’ve been trying all sorts of different foods.  I love hearing the calls to prayer broadcast in the early morning, at noon, and at sunset (although I’m anticipating the 5am call will start to wear thin).  I soak up all the signs I see, trying to pick out Indonesian vocabulary that I already know.  People shout “hello” and “how are you” as I walk down the street in an attempt to demonstrate their English skills.  I’m thrilled with taking taxis around the city for a mere $2.  And I’ve been trying out my limited Indonesian skills in short Q&A conversations with locals.  Knowing the other culture shock stages to come (hostility, humor, and home), I’m sure that many things I currently find new and interesting will start to irk me, but for now I’m trying to enjoy the novelty of everything in my new environment.  I’ll be in Jakarta for 3 more days, then will fly to Semarang.  I’m looking forward to settling in to my new home.

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